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  • RAM Optical Instrument completely automated CNC, programmed operation for video, laser, and touch probe. Visual Inspection provides an array of benefits for different measurement applications and interactive or programmed measurement with precision manual control. It also provides a portable laser scanning system for high-resolution surface profiles. Inspection capabilities provide compact video inspection systems with comfortable, high-resolution viewing of parts and assemblies.
  • 2 OASIS Inspection Systems - accurate to 0.0001 inches - Instant measurements
  • 1 Zeiss OI-322 Multisensor Measuring Machine
  • 1 Mitutoyo Bench Indicator with .00002 Resolution
  • 2 Optical Comparators with Digital Readouts and Optical Probes
  • 2 Surfometer Surface Finish Gage with SPC and Skidless Capabilities
  • 1 Mitutoyo 10X-40X Illuminated Stereoscope
  • 1 Wilson Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • 3 Edmunds Electronic Columns
  • 1 Mitutoyo 18” Height Master
  • Assorted Support Gage and Gaging Tools
  • 1 Brown and Sharpe/Tesa Micro Height
  • Real-time SPC Data Collection Capabilities
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